Odeion: Daughter and Vancouver Sleep Clinic Live in Orlando


A few years ago, when I was a Sony Music college rep (#tbt), when the company still did marketing for Glassnote artists, I worked on a project that resonated with me and won me over with just one song: Daughter. The English indie folk band was formed in 2010 with front woman Elena Tonra, Swiss-born guitarist Igor Haefeli, and French drummer Remi Aguilella. They have released two studio albums and have several EPs that are perfect for a nice cry, or study soundtrack.

When I heard that Daughter was performing in Florida (for the first time!), I was excited to see them, especially because it had been years of following the project. They are touring with opening act Vancouver Sleep Clinic (great for fans of the XX) from Brisbane, Australia, though I admit I had never heard of them until the night of the show.

The two acts performed at the Beacham in Orlando, FL, and it was their ONLY Florida stop. I was sincerely surprised they didn’t perform in South Florida for their only Florida stop, but hey, I’m not complaining! Given the somber, melancholic mood much of the United States had (and still has) experienced since Donald Trump was elected Wednesday morning, it was fitting that I saw these two acts the same day election results were announced. Truly, the only highlight of this is that art and music will still be wonderful, and possibly reach new heights. Seeing these bands was incredibly healing, and it was obvious their mood reflected that of the audience’s.

Daughter played a lot of material from their most recent release, Not To Disappear, which was released in January of this year and I will also admit I was not as familiar with these songs as their first studio album (lots of confessions today). They closed the night with “Youth” , which the entire club sang to in unison, followed by an encore of some newer material. The set was emotional, with Tonra crying as the audience loudly sang back to her, her own lyrics. In all, 10/10, I recommend seeing them in cities on this tour, because it’s uncertain when they’ll be back in the US given they’re from across the pond.

See if Daughter is stopping in a city near you on the remainder of their tour. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Indianapolis, IN
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Wed 8 PM UTC-07 · by Daughter
Calgary, AB, Canada
Fri 8 PM PST · by Daughter
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA

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