Punk Goes Pop: The 1975’s Surprising Roots


Miranda Jayne/Euterpe Staff

Before The 1975 became the aesthetically pleasing, stadium filling band we know them as today, they were something completely unexpected.

Formed in 2002, the band has spent nearly a decade developing their sound. My find of the week were songs recorded by the band before they made it big. The tracks are pop-punk masterpieces that bring to mind Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends and would be right at home on Warped Tour in the mid-2000s.  The most amazing thing about these tracks are that they feature the same bandmembers that make up The 1975 of today.

Here are 10 of their best songs under the monikers Drive Like I Do and B I G S L E E P. These include tracks lost to time, a few old favorites (featuring a killer version of “Robbers”), and even a Fall Out Boy cover.

What do you think of The 1975’s evolution? I wish both versions of the band could still exist. Leave a comment below or tweet us @euterpesvoice and discuss!


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